I build things – businesses, journals, learning experiences, data visualization dashboards, learning communities, and social networks – usually from scratch. The more urgent, unchartered, and ambitious the task, the more I love it. I go big or I go home.

For the past three years I’ve been building expertise in digital pedagogy and networked participatory “web” culture. My hashtags are #ConnectedLearning, #DigPed, and #IndieEdTech and my conferences are #OpenEd, #DLRN, and #OLCInnovate. My CV outlines my skills and accomplishments. If I wrote it well, you’ll come away from it knowing I am passionate about digital learning spaces and creative approaches to educational research and design. You’ll know that I love connecting and collaborating with people.  You’ll know that I am a digital scholar with a strong dedication to the philosophies of open, networked, and connected learning.

However, you may have also noticed the MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology) in front of the PhD (Educational Research and Evaluation) in my name. I have found that many people are curious about the combination. “What made you leave medicine?” “How did you get here?” These are questions I hear. A lot.  However, the leap from rural, single-practitioner gynecology to international-level, collaborative-focused digital scholarship is not as large as it might seem.  To connect the dots for curious people, I created a personal timeline with Timeline JS by Knight Lab. As you flip through it, watch the themes and skills build.  The need to create.  The need to communicate. The need to help. The need to work really hard on something I believe in. It’s all there.