About Me

Laura Gogia, MD, PhD is a learning innovator and educational researcher positioned at the intersection of social equity, digital participatory culture, and higher education. She is the associate director of The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute (GEHLI) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in the United States of America, where she promotes transformational leadership through personal and professional development and executive coaching for university faculty and community leaders.

Prior to accepting her position at GEHLI, Gogia completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Academic Learning Transformation (ALT) Lab and earned her doctorate in Education Research and Evaluation, both at VCU.  She also trained as a physician and practiced gynecologic surgery in remote regions of the U.S.  Recent research has focused on the role of institutional research to promote social equity on college campuses and the integration of digital participatory culture to promote deeper learning in settings of higher education and faculty development.