Laura Gogia

The short story

I specialize in learning experience design, development, and research for higher education, nonprofit, and corporate contexts. I have expertise in educational research; instructional design; flipped, blended, and fully online learning; and the integration of digital participatory culture into the classroom. I also create and implement professional development workshops, webinars, and online learning experiences for faculty, administrators, and other educators.

The long story


The recent story

I’m working on multiple projects with several institutions and corporations – many of which I cannot discuss. However, I was the lead contributor to the iDesign iDEA book, an openly available collection of educational research and practice examples for distinctive learning experience design. This collection represents months of researching and writing related to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) and faculty development resources supported by instructional designers and faculty everywhere.

The back story

My blog, Messy Thinking, connects a lot of the dots for my graduate education and subsequent time as a postdoc or research fellow.

Messy Thinking

The uncensored story

I go back and forth on how tightly I connect my social media and online portfolio, but, for now at least, my Twitter feed.